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CoffeeKat-28/4/2012 Great little cafe! I went there with a friend for breakfast on a Saturday morning - absolutely delicious poached eggs (and poached 'free-style' - not in a cup). Breakfast till 2pm, great prices. Mains till 3, light lunches all day. Amazing selection of cakes, slices, sandwiches and wraps. I even saw 'spiders' on themenu (haven't had one of those since I was a little kid!) Also advertise a weekday special - egg & bacon muffin, hashbrown and coffee for $6 between 8 and 9am. Will definitely pop in here whenever I'm in the area

Best cafe in Gippsland!-Facebook Sep 2011

My wife and I had a reason to go to Toongabbie today and along the way we ended up in MOE, at Bryas Cafe where we had a fantastic lunch. Firstly when I see a good crowd of people in the cafe, it's a testament to how good it must be. Secondly, the atmosphere was good and the place was warm when outside it was pouring rain and th wind was cold. The menu provided a great selection and options. Then... the staff and service was excellent. Due to recent dental surgery, I was restricted with what I could eat, but that was no bother and the owners and staff were very flexible in providing me what I could eat. It was hot, it was tasty and it was good. I will advise our friends in ever in the area to drop in. Thankyou Bryas for providing what people want. Great service and product at a very reasonable price. We will be back.
Have a coffee at Bryas, AWESOME coffee. <3 Sep 2011

Simivaeh Moe 31st January 2010 12:40 pm
best coffee I've had in a long time, friendly staff and great atmosphere. Menu items were varied and the pumpkin, bacon and spinach ravioli was wonderful. will defenatly go again.